Civilian Specialist

Civilian Specialist (Non-Sworn) Positions

The Civilian Specialist is a non-sworn position with primary assignment in the Detention Bureau, but may be assigned to other areas of the organization based on operational need. This position provides support for sworn deputies in the following areas:

  • Detention Center Property Room
  • Detention Center Records
  • Programs
  • Classifications
  • Court Coordinator
  • Intake/Booking
  • Offender Registration
  • Control Centers

Because the Sheriff’s Office is a twenty-four hour, seven day a week operation, Civilian Specialist may be assigned to work any shift and any day of the week, including holidays. 

Civilian Specialist

Minimum Requirements
  • Must be 18 years of age at time of appointment.
  • High School diploma or G.E.D. Certificate.
  • Honorable Discharge from Military (if applicable).
  • United States Citizen.
  • Must be able to operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license with limited traffic record.
  • Any usage of non-prescribed drugs must have been limited and not recent.
  • Applicants will have to successfully complete a pre-employment drug screen.
  • May not have any felony convictions, or other restrictions per KSA 74-5605 or its equivalent under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Must be of good moral character.
  • Average or above average physical condition with weight in proportion to height. No physical or mental condition that hampers performance and causes unnecessary risk to oneself or the community. Able to walk, run and stand for extended periods of time. Must be able to transverse or climb irregular surfaces.
  • Normal hearing and sense of smell.
  • Eyesight requirement of 20/20 or correctable to 20/20 in both eyes. Full color vision or corrected color vision certified by a physician. Night and peripheral vision required.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and stable behavior in their past employments, financial history, personal relationships and personality.
  • Applicants must be able to read, write and speak English fluently. 
  • The Sheriff’s Office does not have a residency requirement. 
Hiring Process

The background process consists of several steps that an applicant must complete before being offered a position. The applicant must successfully complete a personal interview, polygraph, medical exam, psychological exam, thorough background investigation, and an interview a Sheriff’s Hiring Board.

Employment Application

  • The application and Personal History Packet must be completed in detail and submitted to the Personnel Division. The Personal History Packet is a comprehensive document covering all aspects of an applicant’s background. Supporting documents will not be required until is scheduled. Applications will be reviewed for completeness.
  • A standardized interview will be conducted to assess the applicant’s personality, character, work habits, motivation, qualifications and various other matters relevant to the position.


  • Applicants will be interviewed by a Sheriff’s Office polygraph examiner. The polygraph examination will explore information provided on the application and information relating to the personal interview.

Background Investigation

  • An in-depth background investigation will be conducted. During this phase, referenced and non-referenced individuals will be contacted regarding your employment history, associations to include family, friends, and neighbors. Your work history, driving record, financial record, as well as any civil or criminal history will also be reviewed.

    Our efforts are designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant to ensure only those candidates who have demonstrated the highest values are selected. Candidates must exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards.

Sheriff’s Hiring Board

  • Applicants will be interviewed by a Sheriff’s Hiring Board, who will make a recommendation concerning employment as a civilian specialist. Applicants recommended for employment may receive a conditional offer of employment, pending successful competition of further testing.

Physical/Drug Analysis

  • As part of the conditional offer of employment, applicants must successfully pass a physical and drug screening test.

Psychological Interview and Test

  • As part of the conditional offer of employment, the psychologist retained by the Sheriff’s Office will evaluate the results of the psychological tests will interview each applicant. The psychologist will evaluate each applicant’s interpersonal skills, personal traits and other factors that have a relationship to the successful performance of assigned duties. 

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