Community Camera Partnership

Community Camera Partnership



Video footage is invaluable evidence in the detection and apprehension of criminals.  The Community Camera Partnership offers citizens the chance to register their home security cameras with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.  This program securely maps the current location of exterior home security systems for quick and easy follow-up by investigators.  If you are registered, and a crime is committed in your area, we may contact you to review or obtain video footage related to that incident. This video could then be used in potential prosecution.  

Privacy Questions

This program is not intended for active surveillance or for us to check on what you are doing in your neighborhoods.  All information is housed in a secure database, and we will not have direct access to your private video system with this program.

***We may request to see or make copies of footage related to criminal activity and to use for evidence during criminal proceedings***

For more information or questions, please contact us here.

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This is a free program open to all Johnson County residents.  Your information will remain confidential.


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