Toxicology Evidence Submission

General Information

Collection of blood for submission to the Toxicology section can be done utilizing a Toxicology Blood Specimen Collection kit. A label denoting the expiration date of the enclosed blood tube is affixed to the backside of the box. These kits are readily available for pickup at the laboratory during normal business hours.

Each kit contains the following:

  • 10 cc grey-top Vacutainer blood tube
  • Plastic sleeve
  • Plastic bag with zip closure
  • Three pieces of evidence tape (the smallest for sealing the sleeve)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Toxicology Submission Form

The JCCL Toxicology section offers only Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) testing at this time. However, our laboratory will facilitate the transfer of biological evidence (urine or blood) to the KBI for drug screen analysis. This means that agencies in Johnson County can submit all samples for toxicology testing (BAC or drug testing) to our laboratory. If BAC is requested, this will be performed in-house. If a drug screen is needed, the sample should be submitted to our laboratory and we will facilitate the transfer of the sample(s) to the KBI for analysis. The KBI toxicology report will be sent directly to the original submitter of the evidence, but JCCL will transfer the evidence both to and from the KBI on behalf of the submitting agency.


When completing the Evidence Submission Form, two codes are designated on the form for toxicological analysis:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration: Use “BAC”
  • Drug Screen analysis of blood/urine: Use “TOX”

Please ensure you have also completed a JCCL Toxicology Submission Form (already provided in kits provided by the JCCL).  Use of another collection kit (such as a KBI kit) will not preclude submission of evidence to JCCL, assuming the appropriate paperwork has been completed.


Below please find suggestions for evidence collection depending upon need:

Scenario 1: In cases of alcohol impairment only:

  • Collect blood using a JCCL collection kit
    • Alcohol testing WILL NOT be performed on URINE SAMPLES
  • Complete enclosed Toxicology submission form
  • DO NOT enclose form within the evidence packaging

Scenario 2: In cases of drug impairment only:

  • Collect matrix of choice (blood, urine, or both) 
    • If blood is selected, use a KBI collection kit 
      • Complete KBI submission form and​ JCCL Toxicology submission form
    • If urine is selected, use a kit designated by your agency for this purpose
      • Complete KBI submission form and​ JCCL Toxicology submission form
  • DO NOT enclose form within the evidence packaging

Scenario 3: In cases where both alcohol and drug analysis are desired:

  • Collect blood for BAC using a JCCL collection kit (Scenario 1)
  • Collect another sample (blood or urine) for drug analysis (Scenario 2)
  • Package items separately

Should it not be possible to obtain two separate samples for toxicology testing, every effort will be made to perform all requested analyses on the sample quantity submitted.