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Deputy Sheriff Hiring Process

Prospective deputy sheriff applicants must meet all minimum requirements.

An applicant must complete several steps before a conditional offer of employment is made. The applicant must complete and pass a Civil Service Exam, submit an application, pass a physical ability course, a polygraph, medical exam, psychological exam, thorough background investigation, certification by the Civil Service Board and by the Sheriff’s Hiring Board. Click HERE for the applicant handbook.

Civil Service Exam

  • The Deputy Sheriff application process begins with the Civil Service Examination administered through the Sheriff's Office Personnel Division.  The 30 minute, 50 multiple choice question exam may be taken online at the Personnel Division or at any location with internet access.  Applicants scoring a minimum of 70% will receive an application and Personal History Packet.
For a link and passcode to the Civil Service Exam, please contact the Personnel Division at (913)715-5511 or (866)262-3744.  You may also contact us at  When contacting us, please have your driver's license number available and a valid email address.

Once you have been provided the link to the exam and a passcode, you will have 48 hours to start the exam.

Veteran's preference is available for applicants providing a DD-214 indicating an Honorable Discharge.

The exam is offered at the Sheriff's Operations Building located at 27747 West 159th Street, New Century, Kansas at the following times, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays:
  • 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
  • No appointment is necessary

Employment Application

  • The application and Personal History Packet must be completed in detail and submitted to the Personnel Division. The Personal History Packet is a comprehensive document covering all aspects of an applicant’s background. Supporting documents will not be required until interview is scheduled. Applications will be reviewed for completeness.

Physical Agility Test

  • All applicants must pass the Physical Agility test. The Physical Agility test is utilized to measure the physical abilities necessary to perform the tasks associated with law enforcement personnel in Johnson County. The test consists of:
    • 200 yard course
    • Navigate changes in elevation
    • Run under a 5 foot obstacle
    • Jump or hop over a 18-20" bush obstacle
    • Clear a 4’ fence
    • Travel up and down a flight of stairs
    • Drop to a "prone" position and return to an upright position
    • Drag a 150 pound dummy 16 feet in an "L" pattern
    • The course must be completed in 93 seconds or less.
  • For a detailed overview of the test, click here to view the Physical Agility Test Instructions.

Personal Interview

  • A standardized interview will be conducted to assess the applicant’s personality, character, work habits, motivation, qualifications and various other matters relevant to the position.


  • Applicants will be interviewed by a Sheriff’s Office polygraph examiner. The polygraph examination will explore information provided on the application and information relating to the personal interview.

Background Investigation

  • An in-depth background investigation will be conducted. During this phase, referenced and non-referenced individuals will be contacted regarding your employment history, associations to include family, friends, and neighbors. Your work history, driving record, financial record, as well as any civil or criminal history will also be reviewed.

    Our efforts are designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant to ensure only those candidates who have demonstrated the highest values are selected. Candidates must exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards.

Civil Service Board

  • The Civil Service Board will evaluate the information collected by the Investigators. The Board has the statutory responsibility to determine whether an applicant shall be certified as eligible for employment as a deputy sheriff.

Sheriff’s Board

  • Applicants placed on the eligibility list by the Civil Service Board will be interviewed by a Sheriff’s Hiring Board, which consists of command staff officers, who will make a recommendation concerning employment as a deputy sheriff. Applicants recommended for employment may receive a conditional offer of employment, pending successful competition of further testing.

Physical/Drug Analysis

  • As part of the conditional offer of employment, applicants must successfully pass a physical exam and drug screening test.

Psychological Interview

  • As part of the conditional offer of employment, a psychologist retained by the Sheriff’s Office will evaluate the results of the psychological tests and will interview each applicant. The psychologist will evaluate each applicant’s interpersonal skills, personal traits and other factors that have a relationship to the successful performance of law enforcement duties.
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