Frequent Questions

Do you have the person I'm looking for in custody?

You can search for all our in custody inmates

What is the inmate’s bond?

You can find out an inmate's bond.

When will the inmate have court?

You can look up an inmate's next court date

When will the inmate get released?

Release dates for inmates who are being released “time served” may be received by calling the Detention Center at 913-715-5900. Release dates for inmates who are being released to another law enforcement or correctional agency will not be provided to the public for security reasons. 

When is another county going to pick up the inmate?

We cannot give out transportation information on when an inmate is leaving or returning to our buildings for security reasons. 

Can you deliver a message to this inmate?

Due to the number of inmates in custody, we do not deliver messages to individual inmates. 

Can I bring in the inmate’s medication?

You may bring in the medication in its original pharmacy-issued container to our lobby between 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Our doctor will have to review and approve the medication before it may be administered.

Can I bring in money for the inmate?

You can view the various options for depositing money

Can you tell me how much money the inmate has on their account?

We cannot tell you how much money an inmate has on their accounts for privacy reasons. 

Can I bring in food or clothes for the inmate?

We do not accept outside food for the inmates. Inmate meals are provided by Summit Food Service and all inmate menus are approved by a certified dietician.

We also do not allow outside clothes to be brought in for an inmate.  The exception to this is that you may drop off a suit for an inmate’s trial. However, the inmate must first get written approval for you to do this. 

Can you tell me if I have any warrants?

You can search your name in our warrant database

When can I visit the inmate?

You can look up an inmate’s visitation time

How many people can visit and how long?

You can find our full visitation rules.