Insufficient Funds Cases

A check or other written or electronic instrument  that is used for payment of property tax to the Department of Motor Vehicles or Treasurers Office for the registering of property in Johnson County.

If the check or other written or electronic instrument is found to be worthless or insufficient, it is then turned over to the Sheriffs Office after an attempt is made by the Treasurers Office or their designee to collect on monies owed.

The Vehicle Registration Unit officers will make an attempt to receive payment in full or seize the license plate. Every effort is given to locate the individual and license plate for which the check was written. 

The Vehicle Registration Unit works in conjunction with the Johnson County District Attorneys Office in consideration of criminal prosecution.


Kansas State Statute
8-145b. Same; duties of treasurer and sheriff; criminal prosecution not excluded.

If the full amount of the license fee for which an insufficient or no-fund check was given is not received in the office of the county treasurer, after the giving of notice, within the time hereinbefore prescribed, the county treasurer shall certify to the sheriff of the county, the name and address of the person uttering such insufficient or no-fund check together with the registration number and a description of the vehicle registered and it shall be the duty of the sheriff to recover the registration number plate for which such check was uttered: Provided, Nothing in this act is to be construed to exclude criminal prosecutions as in other cases involving insufficient or no-fund checks.