Patrol FAQ's

Frequent Questions

How do I keep people from trespassing on my property?

Clearly posted signs stating NO TRESPASSING or by verbal communication. The offender must be clear, either by signage or by being told in person that they are not welcome on the land. 

Can I discharge a firearm in the county?

As long as you are in the unincorporated part of the county and you have permission from the landowner. Remember to be safe and consider the direction of the round being fired. If any people, dwellings, businesses or livestock are within striking distance of the rounds being fired, it is advisable to find a different location. IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW TO HUNT OR DISCHARGE A FIREARM ON ANY COUNTY ROADWAY INCLUDING ROAD SIGNS. 

Is there a limit on the number of dogs someone can be allowed to own in the unincorporated area of Johnson County?

Yes, the Johnson County Zoning Regulations dictates that without a conditional use permit only four (4) cats or dogs more than one year old may be kept unless the land is 20 acres or more and then up to seven (7) dogs or cats are allowed. For more information on this please contact the Johnson County Planning Department at 913-715-2201.

In addition, there is no county resolution as to the type of dog someone can own. Thus, Pit Bulls are allowed but remember that allowing a dangerous animal to roam at large is a criminal violation of Kansas State Statute and will be enforced accordingly. 

Do I have to have my dog on a leash while I am in the county?

Currently, there is no leash law in the unincorporated area of Johnson County. If you reside in the City of De Soto or the City of Edgerton there is an ordinance where you have to have a canine on a leash. If you are aware your canine is aggressive it is your responsibility to keep the canine on a leash and prevent it from being aggressive to others. 

Will the Sheriff’s Office pick up wild animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, which are in a residence?

The Sheriff’s Office will not pick up wild animals, but can assist by providing telephone numbers to wildlife control companies. 

What is the grace period for renewing vehicle license plates?

There is no grace period. You have an entire month to register your vehicle when the tag comes up for renewal. There are some exceptions to this rule as governed by state law but not for passenger cars, motorcycles and pick up trucks. 

Where can I get a copy of an accident report?

Copies of accident reports taken by the Sheriff’s Office may be obtained by contacting the Records Division at the Sheriff’s Office Operations Building, 27747 W. 159th Street; you will need the case number assigned to the report and the fee is $1.00. Accident reports may also be obtained from the Accident Report page. 

What if I need a Child Seat Inspected?

Deputies, certified as Child Safety Seat Technicians inspect child seats by appointment only. Please, contact the Research and Planning Unit at 913-715-5598 to schedule an inspection. 

Is there public land available for use for target practice, or All-Terrain Vehicles in Johnson County?

No. All land in Johnson County is privately owned or otherwise not available for use for the activities described. 

Are fines and court costs the same in areas the Sheriff’s Office patrols?

No, the fines and court costs are different for the District Court and the municipal courts of De Soto and Edgerton. 

Will I get charged if I set off my residential alarm on accident?

The Sheriff’s Office does not charge on accidental alarms. 

If I lock my keys in my car can you assist in opening it?

The Sheriff’s Office will assist in opening a car with the keys locked in it. The reporting party will have to provide ownership and complete a waiver. 

What is the minimum length for a shotgun before it is considered illegal?

According to K.S.A. 21-6301 (Criminal Use of Weapons), No shotgun with a barrel length of less than 18 inches may be sold, manufactured, purchased, possessed, or carried in the State of Kansas. For more information, please visit Kansas State Statutes. It is advisable to contact Law Enforcement before purchasing or possessing any device, firearm, or weapon that could be construed as a dangerous or deadly weapon whenever you are unsure.